Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Outsmart 2010 Submission.

So here goes…...

Smart! It's a tiny car with a giant heart.
You have a two page spread.
What and where would you like your car to be?
This is your space so be as loose or as strict as you like, as real or as imaginary as you like.
Create your car and your ideal place to drive it, park it, fly it ??
The only bar is that the shape of the car remains smart-like!

Submission Criteria:
The format will need to be landscape 400 x 160 mm
Think of it as an art piece rather than a Smart campaign.
The image you send me can be 72dpi as the project is currently web based!
The deadline is now 30th of August 2010!!
Most of all have fun with it, do it when all your other work is done.


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