Sunday, February 28, 2010

Max Brenner Re-brand Continued. Not A Live Brief,

These are the two main packages, also available in 'MINT' and 'COFFEE'.

This is another one that was made later. the top is slightly bigger so it slides over the bottom bit to create a secure box.

Re-branding Max Brenner. Not A Live Brief.

For one of our briefs we have been given the task of re-branding the Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe store so it will appeal to a UK audience.
This task is to be done working in groups, consisting of graphic designers, illustrators and advertisers.
These are just the bits I have done.
Gift Vouchers... Hand Written 'Gift Voucher' needs to be added though.

Business Cards...

These are a few possible packaging nets...

So these are the logo ideas...